The company's design brand "Doenjoy DECO" is a software design and implementation service company, which integrates soft-fitting design and implementation, interior space design, home art accessories and wallpaper fabric products. Focus on the international home art field, with an international vision and professional leadership spirit, to provide customers with integrated home service solutions. As a pioneer of soft-fitting culture in China, we are committed to the development of soft-fitting products and the integration of soft-fitting resources, and to the service of soft-fitting engineering and space design. Business areas include hotels, clubhouses, sales centers, sample rooms and private residence.            

The company's design brand "YIWHA HOME", is a holistic household brand with the development of household products as the main line and the integration of high-quality products as the supplement, aiming at serving customers with better, more cost-effective and more quality assurance products, and at the same time providing holistic household services to private customers. Products include: independent furniture, imported furniture agents, lamps, curtains (cloth art), decorative paintings (wall decoration), crystal home furnishings and so on. 



Decoration design

Design comes from life, and it also guides life. Software design pays more attention to the dialogue between every object in the space and the spirit of the space owner. When the design touches the heart, it will certainly change our way of life and taste of life. 

Joint venture of real estate developers

Sales offices, model rooms, hotels, clubs, hardcover delivery kits, accommodation, commercial space, fashion shop design, display design, etc. Unique one-stop service for overall soft-cover design customization; art upgrading, art matching, interior furnishings deepening. 

Interior design 

The interior design of all spaces is people-oriented, space is the stage, and people are always the protagonists on the stage. Therefore, we pay attention to customer needs, study customer needs, hope to constantly exceed customer expectations, let people truly become the protagonist of space. 


We should adhere to the development strategy of specialization, craftsmanship and branding, base ourselves on Shanghai, lay out the whole world, and constantly explore and innovate. The aim is to serve real estate business customers with better, more cost-effective and more quality assurance products, while providing overall home service brand for private residential customers. 



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